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This blog post shows the set up configurations of Slack adapter in Cloud Integration.

Implementation Guide:

Configuration at Slack:

  1. Create an app at

  2. In 'Permissions', add 'Bot Token Scope' as 'chat:write'.

  3. Click on 'Install to Workspace' and then allow. This will generate 'Bot User OAuth Token'.

  4. Add the app into the slack channel.

Configuration at CPI:

Step 1:

Go to CPI tenant -> Manage Security Material -> Create -> Secure Parameter.

Step 2:

Design I-Flow as below.

  1. Use Content modifier to set template for message.

  2. Use Content modifier to create a property with value as message body.

  3. Configure slack receiver adapter as below.

Try Out:

As per the above configuration, the iflow will end with error event and that will be handled in exception subprocess. The slack notification will contain the alert message with MPL ID and error reason, as shown below.

Reference Links:

  1. SAP Help Portal

  2. Slack API Method

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please feel free to share your feedback or thoughts in the comments section or ask any questions in the Q&A tag below.

QA link


Priyanka Chakraborti

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