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We all have been there done that- working with 3rd party vendors to exchange files as part of the different phases of our implementation. It all starts with ensuring a successful SFTP connection is enabled * and ends up with successfully deploying our iflow that will send a file as per the vendor requirement.

Integration Suite "Connectivity Test" provides a feature that allows us to sneak peek the vendor SFTP server and confirm folder structure and content.

* How to set up secure SFTP connection is covered in this blog-

Step by step guide on how to quickly verify a file is present in a folder:

Step 1: Monitor Artifacts – Manage Security – Connectivity Tests

Simply click on monitor artifacts and then hit "Integration and APIS". This will open the overview page, scroll down and find the "Connectivity Tests" tile

Step-2: Click on SSH and provide the details.

SFTP (SSH File Transport Protocol) can be tested directly from the SFTP tab. To perform a connection test we need:

Vendor Host- might be URL or IP

Port- Usually 22 nut might be different depending on the vendor specifics (e.g. 2127)

Proxy Type- Always leave default to Internet for 3rd party connections

Public Key - This is selected only when we have enabled SSH key authnetication with the vendor. In that case we only need to know our user name and private SSH key deployed in the security materials

User Credentials- Select the proper credential name. Conviniently the drop down will contain the deployed user credential from the Security Materials

Click "Send" to ensure a successfull connection is establsihed with the 3rd party SFTP.

Step-3:  Now that you have successfully connected to the 3rd party SFTP you can navigate to the directory of interest and sneak peek for files

Check Directory Access needs to be selected. This will allow visualization of the folders and content on the right hand side.

Directory provide the capability to specify the full path of which final folder we will would like to see open. In our example the folder path is "Demo/Location" this path opens the folder "Location" where is located our dummy file "HelloWorld.txt"


The verdict: Connectivity Tests is a tool with integration suite that allows to test different types of connections. In additon the SSH connector give us the ability to view the SFTP folder structure and content.

Enjoy as this saves you time, eliminating the need of using client-server application for opening up the SFTP server.
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Great read, very helpful for testing CPI connections.
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