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I have come to know that many BW objects are not available in BW anymore while working on BW 7.4. There are substitute for each obsolete objects as mentioned below.

Obsolete ObjectSubstitute in BW 7.4
InfospokeOpen Hub Destination
Update RulesTransformation
Transfer RuleTransformation
3.x DataSource7.x DataSource
3.x data archiving7.x data archiving
CompositeProvider in Workbench (RSA1)CompositeProvider in HANA Stuido
Virtual Provider on 3.x InfosourceCompositeProvider

It is recommended to use new objects as they provide more functions and better usability.By default, all these obsolete function are hidden. That means mostly 3.x functions in the context menu on the object trees in RSA1 and in other transaction are not available.

However, you can change this setting using tcode RSCUSTV32

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