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Hello All,

I could see that most of WIKI link and existing blogs, SAP Community Q&A, are referring BPCA in SolMan 7.1, I just wanted to write this blog for those users who are planning to setup BPCA in Solution Manager 7.2 with relevant screenshots.

Come let's go into the topics in detail

Why is Change Impact Analysis is required?

Since most of our SAP system go through lot of change which could be due to issue fixes, standard corrections, innovations etc. and these changes are to be deployed into the Production system without affecting the existing setup & business.

SAP Solution Manager has two useful tools to analyze the change impact.

  1. Business Process Change Analyzer

  2. Scope & Effort Analyzer


Let us see in detail about BPCA in this blog.


What is BPCA?

BPCA provides the list of impacted Business Processes or Process steps due to any SP upgrade, EHP upgrade, changes done due to new innovations or new software version release.

BPCA can also be used by change pace such as Fix, Enhance and Innovate.

Fix change pace is nothing but those changes occurring due to standard changes or issue fix whose magnitude of impact is very low.

Enhance change pace denotes minor release enhancements that are usually requested by Business users whose magnitude of impact is moderate.

Innovate change pace denotes those transformation projects which extends for longer months and have large magnitude of impact due to significantly changed or newly added Business Processes. Typical example could be new version upgrade or SPS upgrade scenarios.


How BPCA can identify the above said changes?

With the help of TBOM (Technical Bill of Material) that is associated & assigned to an executable, BPCA can identify the list of Business Processes and Process steps that has these executable assigned to them in Solution Documentation.

The basic prerequisites for BPCA to work are:

  • Assign executables to the solution documentation.

  • Create a list of objects TBOM for every executable entity.

  • Define test cases for the solution documentation.

BPCA will use the objects that are coming from the new change as a source input and compare with the objects present in the TBOM, thereby it shall be able to provide the impacted Business Process list.


How to setup BPCA in Solution Manager?

Go to SOLMAN_SETUP, under Test Suite -> run the guided procedure for Test Suite Preparation and Business Process Change Analyzer

SOLMAN_SETUP - Run Test Suite Preparation and Business Process Change Analyzer Guided Procedure

How to create a BPCA analysis?

Launch Solution Manager Workcenter launchpad, Navigate to Test Suite -> Click on tile 'Business Process Analyzer

BPCA Tile in SolMan Launchpad

Based on the analysis type, select the option and specify which SAP system & client which undergoes the change.

Here, I chose Support Package option as analysis type as I wanted to see how SP upgrade affects the existing Business Process.


Choose the Analysis type and system to be analyzed


Add the respective SP stack and select the solution & branch which has Business Processes that are to be analyzed

Select the SP upgrade stack and specify the Solution and Branch


Now give a name for this analysis and then comes the Test Scope Optimization.

Name the BPCA analysis


Test Scope Optimization in BPCA will determine the minimum number of test cases (manual/automated) that needs to be regression tested in order to determine the impact of the change introduced.

Test Scope Optimization

After giving all the inputs, schedule & run the analysis. Upon successful running, click on the respective result from the results table. Results of BPCA analysis will show the list of Process and Process steps which are impacted.

BPCA results


Hope this blog clarifies as how BPCA works, setup is done and BPCA analysis is executed in Solution Manager 7.2 system.

For more information, please check below links

Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) | SAP Help Portal


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