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The Business Intelligence Development organisation is working on Lumira, the new flagship BI solution for SAP.

Lumira works natively on HANA and is available on desktop, web (on-premise and cloud) and mobile platforms. Lumira aims to serve the BI self-service use-cases in the enterprise; hence the user experience and the ease-of-use are key to the success of the product

The BI Advanced Development team in Sophia-Antipolis is developing a set of search and recommendation foundation services to tackle some of these challenges.

In the BI Knowledge Graph project, we harvest knowledge from the enterprise (user profiles, BI usage data, enterprise master data) and we provide services to search this knowledge and to provide BI recommendations. By having all this information in a central repository and by applying graph and recommendation algorithms, we discover relationships in information.

We are working on the following use-cases:

  • Provide a recommendation feed of popular BI content based on a user context (similar to the Google Now approach);
  • Rank measures and dimensions based on personal preferences and group interest;
  • Suggest new visualisations by adapting existing visualisations to a person’s interest.

A prototype demonstrating the first use-case is available. If you are interested in the project and want to know more, please reach out to us.

Contact: David Trastour, BIAD Sophia-Antipolis  -    

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