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Old School vs. New School?

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This series from a storytelling standpoint is about old versus new.  The Kobe/Duncan generation versus the LeBron/Wade/Bosh upstarts.  Old school Popovich versus new school Spoelstra.

The reality is, both these teams play a very similar new-school spread offense that encourages 3-point shooting and high percentage inside shots.

Looking at their 2012 stats, there's a very marginal difference between how they get their points and their effective field goal percentage.

The last 3 games have been really telling however in how the Spurs have attacked the paint.  Miami appears to have gone the other way, focusing their offense from beyond the arc.  Indiana's interior defense, particularly Roy Hibbert, has really affected how Miami's shaped their offensive attack.

Game 2 Predictions

I like Miami's chances better for game 2 if they can get their 2-point shooting up.  San Antonio will likely force Miami's shooters off the 3-point line, aggressively guard the paint, and dare Miami into mid-range 2-pointers with zone defense.

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