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Purpose :

The purpose of this document is to configure the BOExcelAdapter in BODS on Linux.


Procedure : 

Step by Step procedure to configure the BOExcelAdapter in BODS on Linux.


  1. Create the Access Server on Job Server (follow below steps)

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/BOBI/dataservices/bin


4 : Configure Access Server

c : Create a new access server entry

Directory               : <Mention the Directory>

Communication Port [4000]  : <Mention the Port>

Parameters              : <NA>

Use SSL protocol 'Y|N' [Y]: Y

Enable Access Server [Y]: Y


Once access Server is configured then go to Data Services Link, you will Access Server.


Now Click on Access Server --> Add

Fill the details and then Apply

Once applied you will be able to see the entry like below


2. Enable the Adaptive Server in Job Server

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/BOBI/dataservices/bin


2 : Configure Job Server

Enter Option: e

Enter serial number of Job Server to edit: 1

Enter TCP Port Number for Job Server <JobServer_1> [3500]: Mention the correct Port for Job Server

Do you want to manage adapters for the Job Server <JobServer_1> 'Y|N' [Y]: Y

Do you want to use SSL communication for the adapt management 'Y|N' [Y]: Y

Enter Adapter Management Port Number for Job Server <JobServer_1> [4001]: Mention the correct port

Continue to Add/Modify/Delete Job Servers 'Y/N' [Y]: N

Once above step is completed Adapter Instance will be enabled

Note : 4001 is the default port for Adapter Instance

Once Adapter Instance is enabled then in Data services you can see Adapter Instances Dropdown.


Click on Adapter Instances --> JobServer --> Adapter Configuration --> Add

Select MSExcelAdapter from the List

Enter the Access Server Host, Port and then apply.

Once BOExcelAdpater is created then start it.

Once above configuration is done then Go to Job Server and set the below PATH(obtained from BOExcelAdpter Confiration) in the env variables.

PATH=$PATH:<Path mentioned in Above Screen in ClassPatH>

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<Path mentioned in Above Screen in ClassPatH>


Once all the steps are completed then take a complete restart of Data Services and then you will see the BOExcelAdapter in the system.

Test :

Place the excel spreadsheet on the shared network folder that can be accessed by the job server. Refer to the file in Data Services as below:



Once you Configure the BOExcelAdapter in the BODS, you will be able to retrieve the data from excel.


Please do share feedback or thoughts in a comment section and also follow my profile for similar content.


Thank you

Vishnu Reddy..
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