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This document will be shown how to place objects (dimensions, measures and variables) vertically.

This feature does not have the formatting options Web Intelligence therefore will be exemplified how to:

First, open the SAP BI Launch Pad, this feature only works using the report development version via Web browser, http://NameServer/BOE/BI

Do not use the Rich Client and Applet. Create a new document, choose your data source.

This example will use an Excel spreadsheet.

Create a vertical table, select the desired object. Click the right button, choose the format option cell - Display - Red the content, select the HTML option and apply.

The value of the cell include the following HTML:

= "<html> <div STYLE = layout-flow: vertical-ideographic>" + [Store] + "</ div> </ html>"

So if you have the column label vertically, follows the code to be used:

= "<html> <div STYLE = layout-flow: vertical-ideographic>" + NameOf ([Store]) + "</ div> </ html>"

[Store] should be replaced with the name of the desired object. Save the document and open through the Central Manager console: http://NameServer/BOE/CMC

This feature enables the inclusion of add other HTML commands and can be very useful for advanced formatting of accomplishment.


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