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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is set of practices that help dev teams to deliver frequent code changes reliably. Until recently, SAP was offering best practice guides and open source projects for customers to setup their own CI infrastructure to manage this process. Few weeks ago, SAP announced the availability for "Cloud Integration and Delivery" service on SAP Cloud Platform. This provides customers with a pure cloud based solution to apply CI/CD practices when developing and deploying applications.

I would like to refer to the below image from Sarah Noack's blog post which shows all the different CI/CD solutions that are available - each differ in their level of flexibility and expertise required for setup and configuration.

I have prepared an E2E demo which shows how one can create a Fiori based extension application using Business Application Studio and leverage CI/CD, Transport Management and Alert Notification services to automate the build and deployment of the application across the landscape.

Below are the topics which are covered:

  1. Exposing a SAP backend system using SAP Cloud Connector

  2. Using SAP Business Application Studio templates to quickly build a Fiori application

  3. Configuring the CI/CD service to automate the build and deployment of the app

  4. Setup of Transport Management service to deploy the app across different subaccounts

  5. Configuring the Alert Notification service to stay informed of changes in the Import Queue of the Transport Management service


Please note that SAP Cloud Platform Continuous Integration & Delivery service is not yet available in trial landscape (at the time of posting this blog). However, Transport Management, Alert Notification and Business Application Studio are available in the trial landscape.

I have captured all the steps as part of this video and explained the steps required to configure these services. If you do have any questions on this topic, please post a question in the forum.

Useful Resources to get started:

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