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Business Scenario:

You have a Variable that is used in various BW Queries and you want to find this list of queries as part of an Impact Assessment activity or any other reason.

Current Process:

As you might know, this process if done manually is a strenuous process that involves referring to a lot of Standard SAP Tables like - RSZGLOBV, RSOOBJXREF, RSZELTXREF, RERREPDIR etc. and looking up these tables multiple times just to get the name of one query. So, to find all the queries using that variable, you will have to repeat the above process as many times as the number of queries using that variable.

To make this process easier and faster, the attached ABAP program can be used.

How to Use It?

1) Execute the Program in SE38.

2) Pass the technical name of your variable as input and Execute.

3) Output lists all the queries that use this variable with other useful information like last change date, last changed by etc.

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