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When the developer adds any custom fields to the tables of MARC, MBEW , MSEG etc. its giving short dump while displaying the data of the table. This is due to the table and proxy object  have different numbers of columns.

In my requirement, my  append structure needs to add 5 fields. For the first step I have added the fields in MARC table and tried to activate the table. with that the issue started. For that, I tried find out the replacement object MARC.

Issue :


Sometimes the MARC table displays you partially active or activated but when you try to display the contents of the table, it may through the ABAP dump.


To solve the issue, SAP have been released to follow the steps mentioned in the note

We can also follow below steps to overcome on this issue. 

Open SE11-> Click on Display button -> menu option Extras -> Replacement object NSDM_E_MARC




After finding the Replacement object, open ADT in eclipse find the CDS view by selecting Ctrl + H(Shortcut).




You will also find few of the extended views created already. As per the business requirement, we also need to add the custom fields in the extended view of CDS nsdm_e_marc.



Activate the DDL and check the short dump is solved. If still the issue exists, please follow the below steps.

Go to t-code SE38-> NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION and execute the program. You will get below selection screen. 


You need to select which table you need to run the CDS proxy substitution, In my requirement MARC is the table. So I selected the radio button and pass the customer namespace program. Sometimes you may have sufficient roles to execute this program. If you are unable to execute this program due to any role issues, please get help from GRC security resources by providing SU53 screenshot and get the required role and execute the program by passing the customer namespace in the Name field.


Please refer the note 2242679 - Redirect inconsistency - Proxy Substitution - SAP for Me for more details.

Please check the transparent table. It will be activated state. With this steps, you can able to solve the Inconsistency issue proxy substitution. 

Regards,                                                                                                                                                      Vara Prasad Thatikonda.



Nice blog, thanks for the useful information. 

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