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In the age of automation, it’s easy to forget how much goes on behind the scenes to keep your SAP® landscape healthy — and if your SAP Basis team is doing a good job, you might never notice in the first place. But it takes a lot of work to keep all the different parts of your SAP landscape talking to each other, while keeping software up to date and monitoring users. Here’s what’s involved.


  1. SAP Basis Is Key to SAP HANA® PerformanceYour SAP landscape is a custom solution, built around your business’ needs. For it to work right, it needs to be monitored, tweaked, patched and upgraded. Your Basis team need to conduct daily SAP HANA performance tuning, and it needs to quickly analyze issues like slowing response time or improperly terminated jobs to prevent decreased productivity or outages.

  2. Security Requires Consistent SAP Basis SupportKeeping your system patched and up to date isn’t as exciting as hunting down hackers, but it’s arguably the most important factor in defeating external attackers. As soon as SAP releases a patch, the clock starts ticking. It’s up to your SAP Basis support team to install the patch before hackers can figure out how to exploit the newly-discovered vulnerability.

  3. Internal Compliance Depends on SAP BasisAlthough your Basis people may not take the lead on SAP GRC SOX compliance, they play a crucial role in the process. It’s up to your SAP Basis team to implement your GRC controls and make sure they’re performing properly. SAP Basis also oversees your users. They administer roles and permissions on a daily basis, preventing users from gaining privileges that could cause an SOD conflict. Your SAP Basis team is also responsible for firefighting tasks, which can pose a major compliance risk if they aren’t properly conducted and logged.


SAP Landscapes Run on Basis

SAP Basis administration isn’t a glamorous job, but it’s one of the most important tasks in your SAP ECC or SAP HANA landscape. An experienced Basis team can mean the difference between a minor glitch that never affects the end user, and a major outage that alienates your customers and costs your company millions.


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Yes basis is most important and which keep running SAP 24*7

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And they wear many hats all at once , but the key for BASIS guy is to identify and route the issue in the right direction. Sometimes that is a bit of challenge to identify the correct team responsible for handling the issue.
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Rooting issues to the correct resolver group is part of service desk task list not of SAP Basis.

Most issues appear during the run time of an application. Therefore, the application specialist relevant to the area is the first contact. Support from the SAP Basis team is requested, following an analysis from the application teams indicating/identifying a Basis angle.
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