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What's a Stammtisch?

It's a German word meaning a regulars' or locals' table (see  what is a stammtisch? for example). It can mean the table itself or more broadly the meetup event of a club or society

What's an SAP Stammtisch?

SAP Stammtisch is just a regular meetup of the local SAP community.  The idea started in Germany, hence the German name, It has since spread around the world, with the first Sydney event taking place in 2017

Who can join?

Anyone can join! Normally people have at least some link with SAP.  They might be functional consultants, project managers, developers, architects or even just the friend or partner of one of these people. Anyone from out of town is most welcome too.  If there is a big conference in town we will often organise a Stammtisch to coincide with it, so that we can welcome interstate and international visitors to Sydney

What does the Sydney event look like?

In Sydney we have a strict no-powerpoint rule for our Stammtisch. We try to keep it light and fun and concentrate on the socialising. We will nominate a certain pub (usually in the city) and a certain time a week or so in advance.  You just come along when you've finished work.  You don't have to RSVP and it's fine to arrive later than the published start time

What do y'all talk about?

Of course there's normally some discussion of work related topics, but work & SAP don't tend to dominate conversation. Sure, if there is a Tech Ed or Sapphire coming up (or just happened) then people will talk about that but normally the favourite topics will be the same as you would find when you meet up with your friends

Is it compulsory to eat or to drink alcohol?

Of course not!  Many attendees will have an alcoholic drink or two, but many will stick to soft drinks. Many will order food (and often order something to share) but others will eat before or after the event.

What if I'm new in town?

If you're new in town then SAP Stammtisch is the perfect event for you! You should make contact with me or one of the other regulars ahead of the event.  Then, on the night, we can meet you and introduce you to everyone else.  Who knows, one of the people there might be able to assist if you're looking for a first job in Sydney

Is the event run by SAP?

No! The SAP Stammtisch is a community event. Whilst SAP employees often attend, and sometimes are key  organisers, the majority of organisers and attendees do not work for SAP. SAP's goal is to assist where they can, providing infrastructure like the groups site you are reading this on.

How often do Sydney Stammtisch meetups happen?

We aim to meet about once a quarter, normally towards the middle of the school term, when folks are back from their holidays. Thursday is the most common night, because many of those commuting interstate for work return to Sydney on Thursday nights

How many people come?

It isn't customary to take a census, but I would say that we usually get 15-25 people joining in

May 2022 @ Squires LandingMay 2022 @ Squires Landing

September 2022 @ Harajuku GyozaSeptember 2022 @ Harajuku Gyoza

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