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I worry about having too many events at the same venue but it is just so nice at Squire's Landing when the weather is good.  We had a good turnout so clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so!

It was really great to see a few new faces: Bruce, Kieran and Ram. We also hope that everyone who comes will meet some old friends and make some new ones too and that was the case for most folks who came, if not all

It was great to see Sze Teng and hopefully we can get more ladies to come along next time.  That is something I'd really like feedback on: can we change the arrangements somehow to make the event more appealing?

Another topic for feedback is where to hold the next event, which will probably be in May.  We could go back to the Tap House maybe, or somewhere new even.  Where would you like to go?

An event to coincide with the SAUG summit (August 21st/22nd) is penciled in, most probably at Harajuku Gyoza. Can we have a Stammtisch on a Monday night?

Thanks to everyone who came along on Thursday. Sorry to those who aren't in my photos (Andree, Mustafa...)

On my way from the office to the pubOn my way from the office to the pubSze Teng, Norbert, Sandy, Kieran and JeffSze Teng, Norbert, Sandy, Kieran and JeffBruce & ScottBruce & ScottRaj, Adrian, Diego & JohnRaj, Adrian, Diego & John3-point turn to depart..and we get a clear view across the harbour3-point turn to depart..and we get a clear view across the harbourOff they go, have a nice holidayOff they go, have a nice holidayMe with Greg & VivekMe with Greg & Vivek