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Sustainability Integration

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Hi all,

Sustainability Solution road map shows 7 main areas where SAP is targetting to focus on Sustainability issues. Also, Sustainability solution is an integrated solution, which will be integrated along with ERP solution. Pls let me know how Sustainability will be integrated with ERP for the data.




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For this topic, and the question you asked the day before, perhaps you can attend the SAP Sustainability webcast on 15-Feb-2010 that I just posted on? If the time does not work for you, I will prepare discussion points to bring up with the SAP experts who will be on the call.



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SAP SuPM, uses backend systems like ERP, EHS, or even non SAP systems, to receive automated / Manual KPI Data. For Example from EHS - SuPM could be drawing data like Employee Safety, Incident Management, Occupational Health,

Now coming to how it is integrated with ERP - it will be based on CSV file you created from the application or BI Connector Administrator function.



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Hi Raghu

If your ERP is SAP based then there are two ways to connect to the ERP and extract data using Automated KPI fucntionality.

a) using SAP query

b) using SAP BW query (if the system is BW based)

For Non SAP ERP based system you can use web services.


Debraj Roy


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Hello Raghu,

SAP Carbon Impact 4.2 has predefined integration with ERP. Using a rest enabled web service, we integrate a reporting hierarchy from ERP into Carbon Impact. This reporting hierarchy can be based on company codes or controlling areas and also includes objects such as cost centers, plants, functional locations, and equipments.

We have an SAP Note which describes the integration in more detail. It is currently in ramp-up so if you are interested, let me know and I can release the note to you.

Furthermore, with SAP Carbon Impact 5.0, we have extended the integration to include material master and BOM integration into the product footprinting / Life-Cycle Analysis module of SAP Carbon Impact.

Post the 5.0 release, we will continue to build out integration points and aim to predefine these as much as possible to keep customer tco low. If you have ideas for future integration, please share your ideas.

Best Regards,

Erin Horbach

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Hi Erin,

do you know what happened to SAP Carbon Impact? Is it discontinued?

thanks you,


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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the question and interest in SAP solutions.  Due in part to overall strategic decisions around our Cloud portfolio, feedback garnered from pospects, customers, partners and analysts,  and a desire to lower TCO for customers and reduce overlap in our portfolio we moved to end investment in the Carbon Impact product. 

Our committment to our customers is paramount.  We have and will honor all subscriptions, allow extensions of subscriptions and have a task force that has been working with all of our CI customers on various options.  Irrspective of our custmers go-forward decision we will support them as best we can in the transition.  

Our committment to the domain remains strong.  We are committed to the mission of CDP as well as GRI, IIRC and other voluntary reporting standards and work to increase transparency from our customers by providing solutions that streamline data collection and profitably reduce the risk of disclosure all while enabling our customres to focus on what's really important - improving perofrmance.    To that end we've increased investment in this area with Sustainablity Perofrmance Management 3.0 and have exiciting plans in our Energy & Environmental Resource Management area.  SuPM has offerings geared towards both large and small to medium sized organizations with both on premised and hosted delivery models.

Regarding feature/function concerns, SuPM is quite strong in conversion factor management, workflow, initiatives/reduction projects, ad-hoc reporting and has provides a more flexible and larger framework to manage all sustainablity information. 

If you have additional inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.  You an also view our portfolio here:



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Hi Eric

Could you please release the note for us. Also I wantes to ask you if there is a link to installation guides/help files to SAP Carbon Impact v5.0 anywhere ? If yes, then it would be great if you could share it with us.

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HI Kiran,

Please visit:

Here you will find some demo sceanrios and EAQs about carbon impact.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Kiran,

SAP Carbon Impact Release 4.2 is no longer available for delivery.

SAP Carbon Impact Release 5.0 was released in September and is now available as an on demand product.

SAP does not offer an on premise version for local installation.

Customers can purchase a subscription to SAP Carbon Impact, which is hosted currently in the Amazon Cloud.

Best Regards,

Erin Horbach

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In our concept we are integrating the GHG inventories controls in MM module for each provider.