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SCT data replication from S4 and source transaction data is in different CoA

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My question is related to replication of data from S/4 into SCT scenario for one of the pre-delivered KPI that allows both manual load and replication of data from S4.

One of the pre-requisite is to set up master data before data replication from S4. These pre-req step requires us to load master data like GL accounts, account groups and org structures (company code/business location).

However, my source S4 has postings in a different chart of accounts (Let's say XCOA) whereas SCT demo content is using YCOA chart of accounts. But when I tried to create additional CoA entry for XCOA in "Input Parameters", system validation gave me a error saying duplicate entry is not allowed. see attached scr shot.

Does this mean, SCT does not allow replication of data from any CoA (for replication from S4), other than YCOA without first deleting this demo content in YCOA? Then once we remove all demo data in YCOA, then we have to create our own org structure, master data (aligned with source S4), before starting replication.

Another question is there any possibility for SCT to allow users to replicate data 2 different chart of accounts (global and local CoA) in future?

Has anyone come across this situation? Appreciate your inputs.





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Hello Gopal

I hope your question is relevant for SCT and if i understand you correctly you created a data entry manually before replicating from S/4 or ECC system? And you are getting an error when you try to use the same name? Sadly i cannot see the screenshot, when you enter manually source of entry if diffrent then when you replicate. We tried loading the data in different way manual vs replication we didn't get any error. Screenshot will be helpful to explain further.



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Hi Satya,

I have attached the error screen shot again. Please take a look.

I am referring to the "Input Parameters" template that you load under Master data. In this measure, SCT has CoA entry maintained as YCOA as SAP demo date is part of YCOA. Whereas in my case, my source demo data is in different CoA (KCOA) hence I tried to add that COA entry in SCT to align it with my source S4 system CoA.

Per this error, it seems that SCT does not allow to replicate data from any CoA other than YCOA if we want to keep SAP SCT demo content. Or else, we will have to build our own demo data set (with diff CoA parameter) and then replicate tran. data from their source S4.