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Query API Outbound - SAP Sustainability Control Tower

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In SAC I am using the WageEntries query from the outbound API offered by SCT.

From what I see, in SCT the formula that is applied in the "Wage level" metric is the following: ((sum of base salaries divided by the total number of people) divided by the minimum wage)
In the API query, there is a field called "averageBaseSalary", this is the result of dividing the base salary by the number of people, so if we add all the averageBaseSalary and divide it by the minimum salary, it is not obtains the same result as in SCT. This calculation ((8+7/5)/2) is not the same as this calculation (((8/2)+(7/3))/2)

I think that this query does not offer the expected functionality, since to obtain the same result as in SCT we have to do an extra calculation to what the API offers. What do you think?


Thank you!