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IMPORTANT - New Master Data App (Links) - SAP Sustainability Control Tower

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After update for master data upload, I don't know how to modify the links.

First of all, before the update there was no need to load the nodes and links again to change just one link (for example). We could add that change or modify one that already existed in the data loading step.

On the other hand, right now I have loaded the nodes, links and activated a snapshot, but I want to change a specific link (I want to change the parent node). To change this link I reload the same nodes file and the same links file (with this change), but when validating the data it tells me in the error log that "the link is already uploaded" over the other links that I have not modified and it won't let me publish them.

So, how can I update a specific link? What is the H_RECORD_TYPE value for now? What are the validity dates for? Right now it also doesn't let me change the validity dates without giving me an error that I must cover the entire period.

Thank you!