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The SAP Green IT Community was founded in April 2009 by    Citrix, Colgate, EMC, F5, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lockheed Martin,    NetApp, Novell, SAP, Sun, T-Systems and VMware (see    Since then Deloitte and Dow Chemical have joined the community,    and other customers and partners of SAP are in process to get on    board as well.


What I really enjoy about this community is the fact that it does not represent just technology partners and SAP.  The members are a part of the entire SAP Eco-System including the customers.  Another aspect that I enjoy of course are the coffee and bagels served at the meetings 😉


Anyhow, we spoke about what the goals should be for this newly formed group.  SAP guided us through an agenda but that was only to open up discussion among members to help fully define the goals.    Basically all of us are to do the following on behalf of other partners and customers of SAP:


  • Understand the problem - gather information & perspectives from SAP customers, SAP partners and SAP
  • Define requirements and solution map for SAP / partner solutions and services for Green IT
  • Prioritize and identify dependencies
  • Identify further development work and Co-innovation opportunities with SAP customers & partners
  • Opportunities for standardization
  • Develop a plan
  • Define & resource specific activities
  • Initiate follow-on activities
The ultimate goal in this is to help customers "green" the Data Center by delivering SAP Eco-Optimized Solutions in the areas of server, storage, networking and desktops.  That is why having customers such as Lockheed Martin, Brown Forman and Colgate are so crucial to this process.

Once we look at the technology and optimization we will then look at what impact this has on energy use, cost and carbon footprint in the data center.

SAP is really taking charge in this and I am happy to be an active member.  Take a look at what SAP is doing to achieve ultimate sustainability at The SAP Sustainability Report (  It's quite impressive.

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