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Once you decide to implement SAP Mobile technology, next you need to consider HOW to integrate it into your company. I don’t have the answers for you right now, but I  can point you in the right direction. For those attending SAPPHIRE Madrid, you are in luck as I can point you to my top 10 to add to your schedule. here is another tip, all of the theatre presentations, microforums, demos and experts can be found in the Mobile Campus. Convenient.

Top 3 Theatre Presentations. These typically last about 20 minutes. Click on the session id to be able to add it directly to your agenda.

1. Define Your Mobility Strategy, MB4642

Define a cohesive enterprise mobility road map for your company to drive value, manage IT costs and risk, and extend business operations and analytics to mobile devices. Learn how to implement enterprise mobility through architecture, governance, strategy, and apps. Find out how SAP can help you serve business users and increase software value.

2. Build User-Centric Apps with Support from SAP Mobility Design Center, MB4606

Get ready to make core business processes mobile with a team approach from SAP. Gain faster time to market, and leverage agile development methods with focused user validation through rapid prototyping. Hear from a customer who has leveraged SAP Mobility Design Center as a trusted source for rapid, cost-effective development of mobile apps.

3. Chat with CIOs About Trends and Challenges in Enterprise Mobility, MB4494

Learn from CIOs who have adopted enterprise mobility strategies at their companies, and hear about the business and technology challenges they have faced. Discover how mobile solutions are providing new opportunities for business innovation and transformation.

Top 3 Microforums. These typically last about 45 minutes. Click on the session id to be able to add it directly to your agenda.

4. Drive Mobile Execution Success with a Mobile Center of Excellence, MB4667

This discussion reveals how to develop an enterprise mobility strategy through a mobility center of excellence. See how a team can work across business units to manage mobile operations and deliver innovative mobile solutions with reliable quality while optimizing resources.

5. Build Custom Mobile Apps Quickly, Securely, and Cost Effectively, MB4671

This discussion shares best practices for designing and developing custom mobile apps. Find out how the SAP Mobility Design Center helps build innovative mobile solutions that run on various mobile devices using diverse technologies such as HTML5/Sencha and Adobe PhoneGap with the help SAP Mobility Design Center.

6. Tap Into Best Practices of SAP Services: Successful Mobile Implementations, MB4739

This discussion demonstrates how mobile services can help you gain a quick return on your investment in Syclo mobile solutions. Uncover best practices, benefits, and features of these mobile apps, ways to achieve seamless integration, and customer examples.

3 Ways to Test Drive the Technology! Ask the Experts! Anytime. These are all demo stations or areas in the Mobile campus where you can access the experts anytime. Be sure to stop by, it’s your chance to put us to the test.

7. Build Transformative, Custom Mobile Apps, Add here

Deliver enterprise mobile apps that provide robust, secure user experiences. Learn how you can co-innovate with SAP to build custom, enterprise mobile apps that transform and impact user experiences.

8. Create a Sustainable and Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy, Add here

Learn how customers are adopting innovative mobile technologies sustainably and securely. Unlock more value from your current and future software investments with the advantages of mobile.

9. Accelerate Mobile Adoption with SAP Mobile Services, Add here

Transform your enterprise with mobile solutions and services from strategy to operations. Learn how customers are adopting mobile solutions sustainably and securely.

10. Use your Mobile to Network on Twitter!

You can stay up to date with Services topics on Twitter @SAPServices. I will be representing all Services conversations throughout the event and interested to continue the conversation after. Send me a tweet anytime to let me know what you think of these sessions.

Stay in the conversation by following SAP Services on SCN.

Follow along throughout the event on Twitter @SAPServices.

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