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I have four children and am passionate about helping kids learn creative and critical thinking early on. If you have children in the age group of 2 to 10, a visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum is a must.

The mission of the museum is to ignite and advance children’s creative thinking. The museum’s early childhood education campus annually welcomes 300,000 children, and reaches 1 million through on-site and community programs. The museum has a research-based Center for Childhood Creativity that invests in topics to give children a better start in life.

As part of SAP’s Month of Service, a team of 30 volunteers came together to help set up for the Goblin Jamboree, the museum’s biggest fundraiser of the year. We did a variety of activities in smaller groups, including decorating the museum’s outdoor and indoor spaces and preparing art supplies for the weekend. Some volunteers enjoyed carving pumpkins for the first time to be set up as decorations.

After completing our project, Ankur Bhatt, VP Platform, guided us on a short walk through the beautiful area surrounding the museum. We had so much fun. We could not have had a more beautiful venue for our Platform team-building event with views of Golden Gate, San Francisco, and Angel Island.