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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello all!

As a member of The SAP Women In Tech Initiative, I think it is essential that our team keeps expanding both internally and externally, the goal of increasing the female workforce and increasing females in leadership roles is very close to my heart, and I do believe one of the main ways to reach our goal is to partner with other programs that share a similar goal. Working together to reach a common goal means working together to change the world. Therefore, I am thrilled to share with you our recent collaboration with the EQUALS program.

As part of a worldwide campaign, SAP Women In Tech has joined the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age. I could not be more excited to contribute to this great program and to give our SAP colleagues a chance on this platform, and a chance to engage in this experience.

The program is a series of recorded conversations between young women in technology and SAP women. These conversations are intended to give the young girls, such as myself, a chance to interact with role model figures in tech and hopefully learn from their experiences. Best of all, the interactions are in the format of interviews which will be all recorded and available to watch both internally and externally.

The first interview was with our SAP colleague Priyanka Porwal who is located in SAP India, and a very talented young female in tech, Reena Ashirvadam from India. In the interview they exchange ideas and experiences, Reena asked Priyanka a series of interesting and engaging questions about her career, her life, and more.

I got to learn a little bit about both these amazing women in their careers and personal life. From Priyanka, I learnt many aspects of a successful tech career, which was undoubtedly useful for a student such as myself who is working in a tech company. I also learnt what has helped her keep growing, and her amazing achievements. From Reena, I got to hear about her roots, journey, goals, and aspirations. Both these ladies have amazing insights to share, and as a woman in tech, it was interesting and inspiring to hear two ends to the tech industry. As a student, Reena inspired me in a part of my life I constantly struggle with, accepting failure, as I am sure we all do from time to time. Both ladies gave some enlightening advice on never taking a mistake for a failure, and to keep pushing. Wise words that we could all use on a professional and personal level.

It’s amazing to see women come together and support each other and these interviews are a reflection of exactly that. I am looking forward to the upcoming interviews! If you would also be interested in seeing the upcoming interviews and more of what we do at SAP Women In Tech, follow me!
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