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SAP Silicon Valley Receives National Designation as Best Workplaces for Commuters in 2018

SAP Labs Silicon Valley (SAPsv) in Palo Alto has been named one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters in 2018 for offering exceptional employer-provided commuter benefits that meet the National Standard of Excellence criteria. In the annual list of U.S.-based employees published on Wednesday, January 31, SAP was recognized alongside top technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, IBM, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.

“SAP is on the cutting edge of a national movement,” said Julie Bond, Program Manager, Best Workplaces for Commuters. “By offering a range of commuter benefits such as subsiding public transit fares, vanpool and carpooling programs, and access to Emergency Ride Home programs, SAP gives its employees the support they need to get to and from work so they can be at their best. These benefits are good for the company and its employees.”

SAPsv is among a select group of workplaces in the United States that have committed to employer-provided commuter benefits that result in at least 14 percent of their employee base not driving alone to work within a 12-month period. In fact, SAPsv has engaged more than 25 percent of its employee base into commuter programs. See below for a full list of SAP commuter benefits.

“Commuting to work can be one of the most challenging parts of the workday,” said Scott Leatherman, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Labs U.S. “Simplifying that, making it more productive, and reducing our carbon footprint is one of our core goals to support employees and the environment. It’s yet another reason why SAP continues to be recognized as an employer of choice in Silicon Valley.”

SAP’s commuter benefits program also serves to support the company’s sustainability initiatives, which include its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Employees across Silicon Valley participate in annual programs such as Bike to Work Month, Earth Day Sustainability Fairs, and thought leadership programs that educate and encourage employees to become conscious of their carbon footprint and offer information on resources available.

“Our commuter programs are a validation of SAP’s commitment–socially, environmentally, and economically–in fulfilling our vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives,” said Larry Morgan, Senior Facilities Manager, Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP.

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SAP Labs Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) Commuter Benefits

  • Free local transit pass – Eco Pass

  • Commuter transit pass subsidy up to $130 per month

  • Vanpool fare subsidy up to $130 per month

  • Pre-tax transit payroll deduction program

  • SAP Employee Commuter Shuttle

  • Carpool matching program and reserved carpool parking

  • Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home program

  • Free Zipcar car-share membership

  • Bicycle lockers, showers and fixit repair stations

  • On-site commuter transportation kiosks

  • Member of the Stanford Research Park TMA

About SAP Labs Silicon Valley

For nearly 25 years, SAP Labs Silicon Valley has been in the epicenter of global innovation and technology for SAP customers and partners. Today, as the largest non-US company in the Valley, SAP’s investment and influence continues to be exponential by forging tight relationships with top tech brands like Apple and Google, NVIDIA and Slack or early stage disruptors through SAP.iO. Beyond enabling this revolutionary ecosystem, SAP Labs Silicon Valley empowers customers’ digital transformation with tremendous Cloud knowledge, access to SAP Leonardo innovations, and experience in Line of Business solutions like Ariba, Concur, Hybris, and SuccessFactors and delivers award-winning, Design-Thinking-inspired User Experience capabilities and insight.

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About SAP Sustainability

At SAP we believe that improving our sustainability performance gives us insight that will help our customers do the same. We focus on three key metrics: environmental, social and economic. Each is critical as we work to create a sustainable future for SAP, our customers, and society. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and management. To formalize our approach, our global environment management system reflects the ISO 14001 standard, and many of our locations have achieved ISO 14001 certification. Learn more about SAP’s Sustainable Operations and the Impact Through Innovation integrated report.

About Best Workplaces for CommutersSM
Best Workplaces for CommutersSM is the national authority on recognizing and assisting workplaces that provide exceptional commuter benefits to employees. More than a recognition program, Best Workplaces for Commuters program provides support needed to create, sustain an employer-provided commuter benefit program, including online assessment tools, advisory services, case studies, tool-kits, web-based tools, webinars and training. Best Workplaces for Commuters represents over 200 workplaces with Best Workplaces for Commuters designation representing over 734,000 employees. The Best Workplaces for Commuters program is managed by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)  at the University of South Florida with support from the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). For more information: