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We're excited to announce that MOC 1.0 is out of ramp-up now. We have several projects underway in North America and in the Middle East, including a number or  O&G and Chemical customers. Colgate are  live with their first site and have spoken at the ASUG Annual conference, ConocoPhillips have just presented at the  O&G Conference in Dallas. We are also working with several Utilities. 

One key characteristic of SAP MOC is its flexibility. Being built on frameworks like BOPF/FBI, utilizing BRF+ (rule engine), and SAP Business Workflow, MOC can cater to a large variety of use cases across industries and countries. Change types of almost any kind can be modeled - something that is highly appreciated by our first customers.

With interest ramping up across the world, we've trained consultants (SAP internal and SI partners) in several countries.

Regards, HaJo

HaJo Lockermann

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