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SAP has been making some headlines across news outlets in the United States and globally this quarter. This section is dedicated to providing updates on that news to keep our partners informed on how our company is growing, innovating and offering insight on a multitude of topics.

SAP’s 2013 efforts have taken off quickly so far this year across multiple areas of focus.  This week, Triple Pundit named SAP one of “Top 10 Employee Engagement Strategies” next to AMD, Clif Bar, Intel, Kimberly-Clark and others. We were honored for our innovative social sabbatical program.

In early March, SAP featured a giant showcase at one of the world’s largest technology conferences - CEBIT. At this global event, SAP was able to incorporate our world class CSR programs into the showcase and demonstrate how our technology solutions are tackling societal issues with an exciting video launch.

We also announced a number of new solution offerings at CEBIT and in the first quarter, including mobility solutions, apps and cloud.  SAP has been making some fast traction in OnDemand software, attributed mostly to the success of our integration with SuccessFactors, one of the largest cloud software providers in the world. 

SAP shared its full year results where we saw the 12th consecutive quarter of double digit growth in Software revenue. This revenue increase was specifically significant thanks in part to SAP’s new innovative solutions such as SAP HANA. Click here to read more on the strong growth of SAP HANA and the company’s continued revenue-building success this year. A big milestone was just before our full year 2012 announcement, when we released that our premier flagship product - SAP Business Suite – went live on HANA.

In additional to these exciting product  launches, SAP’s co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe were honored with top rankings in the “2013 50 Highest Rated CEOs” list published by

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