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I invite you to listen to this BPX community podcast with James McClelland, Industry Solution Marketing - Energy & Utilities, to learn about the latest trends in the Utilities industry, and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Learn more and engage in discussions with your peers about these industry shifts in the Utilities community within BPX. 



The Utilities industry is in the midst of serious changes, with the theme of sustainability front and center. Meanwhile, new "smart grid" technologies and asset management functionality are creating new opportunities for many utilities companies.


About this podcast:

In this SAP BPX Community podcast, Jon Reed asks James McClelland, Senior Director of Utilities Solutions Marketing Worldwide with SAP, about how the Utilities community on BPX is helping SAP customers better understand SAP's new Utilities functionality and how the community helps facilitate conversations around these industry shifts.


During the 17 minute podcast, James describes upcoming developments for the Utilities community on BPX including an exciting initiative to involve Enterprise Systems Architects in a dialogue about how to leverage SAP's monitoring tools and better align systems with business drivers.


During the conversation, James also tells us more about the key trends that are impacting the Utilities industry today, and the tie-ins between SAP's Utilities solutions and the SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio. We also learn how BPX community members can utilize the resources on Utilities@BPX and jump directly into the ongoing discussion.


Podcast Highlights


(:42) James' role at SAP heading up SAP Utilities Marketing worldwide.


(1:25) Why James shares Jon's passion for the SAP BPX community, and how the Utilities@BPX community fits into the vision of BPX as a whole. The importance of online dialogue in an economy where travel to events is limited.


(3:25) The Utilities industry is going through dramatic changes. James talks about one of these developments, smart grid and smart meter technology, and how SAP's AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure) Solution is impacting SAP customers and creating online discussions at Utilities@BPX.


(4:45) What is Enterprise Asset Management, and why does it matter to Utilities companies? An application that allows you to better manage your assets without customer downtime is the real "secret sauce."


(6:40) The tie-ins between the SAP BusinessObjects product line and the needs of today's Utilities customers. The impact of data volume is a huge issue. SAP BusinessObjects data management solutions are a big piece of the puzzle here, helping companies to turn data into information for near real-time analysis. The end result: higher profitability and better customer service.



More information around Utilities: