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On October 24th, SAP hosted a full day of activities around "A World of 7  Billion". The expectation is that on October 31st, the world will have  had a population of 7 billion.

To learn about the executive round table that kicked off the day at SAP,  please read my blog: "Innovating for a World of #7Billion: Executive Roundtable at #SAP".

Part two of the day was an Innovation Jam, which this blog will focus on.


The teams that were comprised of a mix of thought leaders, technology experts,  designers, marketing, communications, and business experts, students, and  non-profits assembled in groups (based on the color of their name tags)  around at least 7 tables in the Co-Innovation Lab at SAP in Palo Alto.
My group included three topic experts from NGOs BSR and Endeavor, as  well as Stanford who had all physically visited and provided support in  many developing nations.  It was interesting to hear their points of  views and experience, although there was not a lot of time for chit  chat. Unfortunately, two of those experts had to leave in the afternoon  to tend to their day jobs, which was a bit disappointing for the rest of  us. Luckily, experts from Ashoka visited our group frequently to  provide answers to our questions.
After SAP CMO Jonathan Becher kicked things off and we got to see a few  videos with background information on the challenge(s), some time was  spent introducing  all teams to the concept of Design Thinking, which I  had luckily already learned about and implemented at the Inclusion  workshop at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Our facilitator from SAP, Andrea  did a good job keeping everybody focused and on time. We had about 4.5  hours to come up with a solution, which might sounds like a lot but we  were rushing through.
How can girls in developing countries get a secondary education?  Secondary education is middle and high school. We were tasked to come up  with a feasible solution.
Our team of experts started to focus on the Democratic Republic of  Congo, as it seemed a country that could use a lot of support. But as it  turned out that the government does not even support primary education  for girls, we decided that we'd either have to focus on primary  education first or switch.
Further research unveiled that Rwanda has a good track record in primary  education, so we figured there is a good foundation to build on, plus,  the government is likely to support further education.
We put together our persona: Trinity, 10 years old, lives and works on a  farm, has 4 siblings who she needs to watch and her dream is to be a  teacher.
How can we enable her to go to school, fulfill her dream, while convincing her parents that this is in everybody's interest?
I am not going to describe the following hours in excruciating details,  but will say that we really appreciated the ideas that we received on  Twitter, e.g. "Check out Khan Academy", "Look at Gretta charities"...
We had to make a lot of educated guesses and were not afraid to attack  some of the minute details like, how would school materials be  transported by the teacher? Where would books be stored?
We drew a nice 6 square "comic strip" to present our solution to the  judges at 3:30 PM in front of live streaming cameras. Three minutes that  definitely get your adrenaline going. I tried to get people on Twitter  to "vote" for us :-).
For Trinity to be able to go to school, this has to happen early and/or  late in the day, as during the day she has to work on the farm and help  with the siblings. In addition, as she looks after her siblings most of  the time, the girls of Trinity's age can form a "collaboration group"  where some girls watch the kids while other girls study and vice versa.
We also believe that mobile devices and movies can make good learning  aids. As I learned, most likely the parents would own a mobile device  and Trinity would have to share that mobile device and  possibly share  devices with other girls in her collaboration group.
The teacher has a moped and will bring handouts to the class (which is  already difficult on a moped as it's a big pile of paper). Classes take  place in the community center and at the houses/huts of the girls where the  collaboration group meets.
In central places, movies that educate can be shown, as well as videos like the ones form Khan Academy.
In this scenario, the teacher is mobile and mobile devices are learning aids.
There are also visits from Rwandan's who started with nothing and have  worked there way up through education and hard work. They come to town  centers to talk about how they became successful and encourage  education.
As Trinity wants to be a teacher, she gets the opportunity to teach some  younger children; she does not have much time but she knows this is a  good way for her to learn. And her parents want a better future for her.
Obviously, this is a very simplified version of what would need to  happen and I am leaving out some parts here. But it was a first attempt  to solve the problem. The ladies on our team from the NGOs understood  where donation funds could be solicited to support this vision.
Last, let me share some interesting voices on Twitter around this part  of the day, the InnoJam. They also provide some information on the other  winners (our team came in second and we got $25 gift cards to be used  at



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                                                          RT @7BillionActions: #SAP InnoJam Green Team developed "The Third Way" access 2 learning resources outside of school using Community Peer2Peer Network. #7billion                                                      
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                                                          #SAP #7Billion InnoJam Judges have chosen Village Academy as the winning team. WTG!                                                       
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                                                          #SAP InnoJam Team Village Academy - Gov develops curriculum, download to solar-powered tablet PCs. Local needs tracked over time. #7Billion                                                      
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                                                          RT @jbecher: Using #sap analytics to discover children in rural areas are nearly twice as likely to be underweight as urban children #7billion