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We continue to see the tremendous impact of SAP Technology Donations with 136 non-profits across North America receiving technology donations this quarter, bringing our total for the year to 576 fantastic organizations.  These tools are helping analyze key trends, report out to funders and stakeholders, and share the impact of organizational missions to the world. 

Check out just a few of our stories from around the world:

  • SAP analytics are helping close the educational gap for City Year Read more about how community developers rallied to give the organization a running start – and sign up for an upcoming webcast to hear from City Year CIO Welles Hatch about getting started with SAP analytics!
  • Watch how technology solutions will help scale Echale a Tu Casa’s mission to solve homelessness across Mexico.

Interested in receiving a technology donation?  Check out our platform of offerings in partnership with

Technology roadshows


Are you based in the San Francisco bay area and interested in learning more about solutions to help your organization run better?  Register for our upcoming roadshow on November 12th at the TechSoup Global Headquarters.

Resource of the month

We have heard from a number of you getting started with your donations that you would love to see more resources available to understand how best to get started using the SAP solutions.  In an effort to provide you with a running start we have two great updates to share!

First, e-learning courses are now available as part of our donation offering (toggle product view to online training):

For quick tips and tutorials, check out this link: