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“I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but for a good reason I’ll find my inner Picasso.”


Once again it is that time of the year, when the days are getting shorter, the mornings are cooler and SAP Silicon Valley is hosting its annual month of service. Painting a playground, teaching kids surfing, sorting food at a food bank were just a few of the hundred or so volunteering projects this year. It is a great opportunity for SAP employees to give back and do something good for others.

We – SAP’s IoT Smart Connected Business team – found our inner Picasso by painting murals for a foundation for hospital arts. Our murals later will be placed in various hospitals around the United States to help brighten up the sterile hallways. In total, we had 18 canvas pieces to color which would then later form three individual paintings. This way two or three people could work together on one canvas piece at the same time. For a lot of us, it has been a while since we last did an arts and crafts project, but thankfully artistic experience was not required. Every canvas came with pre-drawn markings to help easily guide the painting process.

When I looked around that day, the room was full of 44 motivated people sitting around different tables equipped with aprons, canvases, paint, and brushes. I saw team members having fun conversation while painting, some who were interacting with each other for the first time! Others would sing to fun 80’s hits, which were playing in the background (are there any other SAP Journey fans out there?). And there were also some team members who were sitting there fully concentrated, painting to perfection - it seemed to be almost therapeutically relaxing to them, as they told me later. In the end, we had a great turnout of three colorful murals followed by a delicious pizza lunch. The three hours were not only a fun team building exercise, but they were also a meaningful activity which contributed to the community. I call it a full success!

Our murals are full of color and energy and will hopefully bring a sick person and their families some comfort while they are visiting the hospital. With that we hope to motivate everyone to participate in volunteering activities like ours and experience the joy of giving!