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This October, SAP Global Month of Service goes into its 15th round! Are you ready?
Kicking off the celebration early, we are proud to be sharing a selection of 15 inspiring volunteer experiences over the coming weeks leading up to the beginning of October.
SAP Global Month of Service, it is our company’s largest volunteer initiative. In 2018, employees volunteered in more than 900 projects in communities around the world. And it doesn’t stop with Month of Service! Our employees are leading meaningful volunteer events year-round, when and where the need arises.

This week, we are sharing one of the many amazing volunteer stories from Rowllah T Basheer, from Bangalore in India. Rowllah is a Regional Volunteer Ambassador, and as such has been mentoring and guiding volunteer leaders in her office location, as well as organizing and facilitating impactful volunteer events for many years.

Solar Lamp Distribution in Bangalore, India

When you turn on the light at any given point during the day – do you consider it a luxury?
Being used to many amenities in our daily lives, we start to take things for granted and don’t even give them a second thought. One of these amenities is our access to electricity. We have become so accustomed to having light around us at all times that we might not be aware of those, whose day is still dependent on day light.
Even in an urban city like Bangalore, there are thousands of people who live in temporary shelters, and whose lives plunge into darkness, once the sun has set at the end of the day.

A Little Dream India is a local nonprofit organization, that Rowllah T Basheer has been partnering with for three years. Born and raised in Bangalore herself, Rowllah knows the rough reality that many children and families find themselves in, very well. Through corporate volunteer initiatives and together with A Little Dream India, she has been conducting art camps, dance workshops, health and science camps and many other events for children in temporary shelters, orphanages and schools.

Glowing Smiles and Brighter Lives

As part of her volunteering work with A Little Dream India, Rowllah had already visited a shelter in Hebbal Bangalore, where 32 families live in makeshift tents and she saw how they lived in darkness once the sun had set.
After researching for enduring solar lamps, surveying how many families lived in the shelter homes and contacting SAP’s CSR team in Bangalore, Rowllah initiated a volunteer event. 20 SAP volunteers signed up and visited the families to distribute the solar lamps and educate them about solar energy.
Apart from brightening their nights, this has improved the quality of their lives in more ways than the volunteering team could have imagined.

They can now visit the restroom at night without any fear.
The children can study without having to go to nearby street lights.
They can cook dinner without cutting, burning and hurting themselves.
They can also use the lamp to charge their mobile phones and stay connected with each other.
And more importantly they are now independent of power supply, electricity bills and power cuts!

Having seen the great impact that the solar lamps have had on the lives of the families, Rowllah is already surveying the next shelter, where SAP employee volunteers will be distributing lamps in October, during SAP’s Global Month of Service. If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact Rowllah directly.



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