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In my previous blogs I shared the work that KT Care Foundation of education and interviewed two of the beneficiaries and Aye Myint Kyu's story.. Today I am extremely honored to be able to share the insights from Naw Eh Paw from KT Care Foundation on the mobile clinic project which her team conducts twice a year in remote communities in Myanmar.

The most recent one took place in a region of Myanmar where foreigners cannot easily travel to in the Poke Pa Kan Village Tract. It consists of 9 villages which have a population of 7000. 18 Volunteers comprising of KT Care Foundation staff, 1 from KT Group and other medical health professional travelled 11 hours on Friday evening 19 Feb 2016 from Yangon for the start of the mobile clinic on Saturday at 9 am. They were joined by 23 local volunteers to support with the logistical activities.

The clinic delivered health services to 650 patients: 350 general, 200 eye and 100 dental treatments by 2 GP’s, 2 eye technicians and 2 dentists. The team brought with them much needed medication for hypertension as well as 200 ready-made spectacles that could be dispensed on site. For custom prescriptions these will be prepared and delivered. The clinic also identified 20 patients that need operations and a follow-up visit for eye physician is being planned. The team also took the opportunity to share hygienic and basic health information to the patients.

The clinic operated only for 2 days but it took 2 months of planning to ensure its success. KT Care Foundation staff met with village community leaders and health works to understand the health needs of the community. These discussions uncovered the need for dental services and offered for the first time by the most recent mobile clinic

A key challenge that Naw faced was aligning medical volunteer schedules and when one of the doctors could not make it, it was fortunate that she could call on Dr. Paing Soe who Director of KT Care Foundation and a medical doctor and he stepped in to fill the gap.

The project was funded by donations from KT Group and World Together. A project that has had a tremendous impact by delivering health services to the villages who otherwise would have had to travel many hours to get the services that the mobile clinic brought to them.

Check out the video created by Alice Liu on the mobile clinic

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