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Businesses today are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability in their operations. Sustainable business practices not only reduce the carbon footprint, but they can also help to drive cost savings and enhance brand reputation. In this regard, suitable business software solutions play a crucial role in supporting and enabling sustainable business processes.

SAP offers a whole range of solutions for sustainable business that provide company-wide functionality and industry-specific features that help you embed sustainability in your core business processes.

From sustainability management solutions for ESG reporting to climate action, circular economy, and social responsibility, these sustainability solutions help you reduce waste, enhance efficiency, promote sustainable practices and become a socially responsible business.

You can now get more insight and explore some of the sustainability solutions with a free trial.

All you need to do to get access to a free trial do is to choose a link for a sustainability solution you’re interested in from the following list.

Free trials for SAP Sustainability solutions

SAP Sustainability Control Tower
Connect your environmental, social, and financial data holistically to steer your business toward better decisions.
SAP E-Mobility
Build, run, and manage electric vehicle charging networks with integration into end-to-end billing processes on one platform.
SAP Responsible Design and Production
Start acting on a circular economy and eliminate waste. Design products sustainably and build a regenerative business in a circular economy.
SAP Returnable Packaging Management
Manage the inventory and logistics of returnable packaging in the supply chain.
SAP Landscape Management Cloud
Reduce computer-related carbon emissions
Minimize the carbon footprint of cloud infrastructures by automating specific routines in SAP and third-party software systems
SAP Cloud for Energy
Optimize Meter Reading, Energy and Water Data Management.
SAP Sustainability Footprint Management
This climate action solution helps you reduce the carbon footprint of your value chain based on actual business transactions.


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