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Social Responsibility in Action

SAP’s business solutions and services help organizations, large and small, improve decision making and performance. Across North America, SAP has donated over $1,000,000 of software solutions to non-profit partners. The products offered are predominately business intelligence and data visualization software, such as our SAP Crystal Dashboard Design solution, SAP Visual Intelligence Software and SAP Crystal Reports. These software packages are available through our partnership with TechSoup Global. To make a sustainable difference in communities, nonprofit organizations must not only run better but also more cost effectively. SAP’s software helps them do just that.

Founded in 1988, City Year is dedicated to keeping students in school and on track to high school graduation. It provides one-on-one and group tutoring to improve literacy and math skills and help promote a positive school experience. In 2013 alone, City Year supported over 150,000 public high school students in 25 U.S. cities.

City Year began using SAP’s donated analytics software in order to scale its impact and reach as many students as possible. SAP allowed them to gain better control over their data and assess, track and communicate the impact it is having on a student’s educational success. To see the full story of how City Year is using SAP software click here.

SAP systems also help Feeding America’s 125 employees deliver over 1.5 million tons of food to 37 million people, annually. Today, Feeding America is the largest relief organization in the USA, running more than 200 food banks. SAP Mobile technology enables Feeding America to reduce operating expenses. By utilizing SAP, Feeding America has reduced the time and effort involved in moving food from the source to the people in need. Every dollar saved is equivalent to eight more meals served. To read more on how Feeding America is making the most of its SAP software click here

For more on our global software donations and partnerships in action, please view the following links:

Helping organizations that transform the lives of those in need run better - this is SAP’s social responsibility in action!

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