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Recently I attended a session on Design Thinking, where in I got to know about IDEO and Tim Brown ( father of Design Thinking )...

The session left a huge impact on me and this made me search more on net about Design Thinking, Tim Brown and IDEO

While going through one of the blogs of Tim Brown , I got to know about the IDEO approach towards Climate Change.

Have a look at the following site and it will give you a totally new and fresh persepective of Climate Change.

We often think that Climate Change is only about Government laying down some policies, Politicians talking about it and various conferences and summits around it, and the only mandate we see coming out is Reduce Carbon Footprint.

After going through the site I came to realize that there are many more aspects of Climate Change and Sustainability than just to reduce Carbon Footprint and increasing forest cover.  


The site gives interesting insights into varied range of topics related to Climate Change like Underground economy that could flourish because of climate fail, advantages of connected communities, lifestyle changes that could be adopted etc etc..


They also talk about some interesting ideas, for instance one of them was a software which monitors electricity consumption behaviour of a household, processes the data gathered over a period of time, shows it back to user in the form of charts, grids etc and suggests the areas of improvement where he can cut the consumption.


Do go through the site and pour in your ideas too.... 



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