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why parameter ID is not useful in some screen

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hi,as you can see,I had set the parameters but it doesn't work in /scwm/mon,why ?please help me.

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The code has to be written for this using statement 'Set Parameter'. It works well using the transaction code /scwm/stock_cons.

please see below

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why? Because not every field has a parameter ID, as it does not always make sense.

Edit: to look up if there is a parameter ID, you use the F1 help in the field, then open the "technical information" in the "performance assistant" pop-up, and look if there is field data for "parameter-ID" - and wow, for this field in the pop-up indeed, the parameter-id is /SCWM/ENTITLED. So that is strange, resp. worth a ticket. It also does not work in my system. But, again, does this parameter ID in this selection really make sense?




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