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Where( T code) can we get Countries list for materials in APO

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Hi Gurus,

I need countries list for some product list in APO. Please suggest if there is any tcode in APO for this requirement.

I have checked MATLOC & MATKEY and some tables and also checked /sapapo/mat1. But I am not getting my requirement any where. Even I am not getting location details by passing materials in above tables but I am able to display those products in planning book.

Kindly help on this.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (1)

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What process are you working on here - is it demand (DP) or supply planning (SNP) ?

Sounds to me your refer to demand planning: in DP you need model the "country" as a characteristic in the CharValueCombs of the PlanningObjectsStructure and establish a process to generate such CVC - then you can use/select country from the SDP SHuffler.

For supply planning the country has no meaning - you work with products in locations, resources, sources of supply - in SNP the only reference you have (typically) is the country code of the location in the location master data.