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What is the technical difference between FRE01 and FRE07 TCODES in SAP F & R

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What is the technical difference between FRE01 and FRE07 TCODES, what kind of records are sent to F & R

Why is different functionality provided with FRE07 and what as to be considered?

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Dear korri,
my name is Hans-georg. I'm from the SAP F&R team.
F&R supports among others the following transaction to transfer data from ECC to F&R:
- FRE01 = Init

- FRE02 = Delta
This Delta mode supports 2 different directions:
- Delta for existing F&R location products
- Init of newly F&R relevant location products
Both are change pointer driven

- FRE07 = Re-Init

The most important difference between an init ( FRe01 ) and re-init ( FRE07 ) is the option to create deletion records first. Especially for transportation lanes it could happen that you first need to delete all existing F&R transportation lanes and afterwards re-create the current status again. This option is important for generic transportation lanes.

FRE01 and FRE07 is different with regards to the determination of the workload.
FRE01 does an Init for newly and existing F&R relevant location products.
FRE07 does an Re-Init only for already existing F&R relevant location products.

I hope these details will help to identify the need for your business scenario.

Best regards