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what is the relevant table to link for Field ENTITLED_ID from table /SAPAPO/MATLWH

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Hi Team,

Good day,

I would like to perform a ALV report to cross consolidate and display the list of products which are not created with EWM warehouse product master - /N/SCWM/MAT1.

Based on the analysis , i tested the data with a Function module /SCWM/MATERIAL_WHSE_VIEW_EXIST ,

By processing LGNUM , Entitled , Mat ID it will be able to test if MAT1 is maintained or not.

apart from that if MAT1 is maintained but PACI & SRCI is not maintained we can check with table /SAPAPO/MATLWH

to segregate and link the logic in finding the PL+Plant value for the Entitled_id

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi team ,

Based on the Link Table , it can be processed in two tables

1. LFA1 : Pass Werks and get Vendor value (Sort with PL+value)

2. Pass LFA1 of Vendor --> BUT000 of PARTNER --> get PARTNER_GUID (Business Partner GUID)

3. Based on BUT000 of PARTNER_GUID (Business Partner GUID) --> get ENTITLED_IF of /SAPAPO/MATLWH

Thanks & Regards


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