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What exactly is PIR?

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I want to know what exactly is PIR? How we use it in APO DP-SNP Scenarios?

As I understand its a different order type. But in SNP we get different orders like SNP Planned orders, Purchase Req. etc?

Then what exactly is PIR? and how and where to use it? And whats the significance of this order type?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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PIR in SAP application is independent demand or forecast for a finished item in ERP (R/3). It is a requirement element while SNP Planned Order and Purchase Req are receipt elements to cover the requirements.

In APO DP you generate statistical forecast based on history and also from market intelligence. The final independent demand is often termed as consensus forecast and "released" to SNP. While release you assign an "order type" via ATP category - like FC or FA. In effect this is PIR in SNP similar to ERP or R/3.

Hope this helps.


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