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Warehouse Task Creation - Skip Lot (QM)

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Hello SAP Experts,

I am working with skipped inspection lots without inspection rule in embedded EWM on SAP S/4 HANA 2021.

The posting of the stock status into unristricted use works fine so far. But I can not find a solution to create the warehouse task for the putaway. The creation works for the normal follow-up action during the UD but not for skip lots.

What did I miss?

Thanks you for your replies!!


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Hi Ralf,

I believe this is SAP standard that for skip lot system does not create any warehouse task.


Hello A Singh,

Thanks for your comment.

You seem to be right. Only the stock status will be changed from QQ to FF. During the posting the reference to the inspection document will be deleted an therefore no follow up action can be executed.

We will implement the BAdI "IF_EX_INSPECTIONLOT_UPDATE-CREATE_BEFORE_UPDATE" (in the QM-Modul). In order to close the inspection lot the UD is made anyway. During this we are checking the inspection lot if it is a skipped lot. Then we create the WT by a customer-specific EWM-FM (based on the functionalty of the /SCWM/TODLV_I).