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Understanding key figure Disaggregation - Equal Distribution

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Can someone help me in understanding the KF disaggregation logic.

Demand KF disaggregation method is equal distribution.

As per 1st table i entered demand at Product level and the demand is equally distributing among other customers.

In the second table, i removed the demand and entered at Customer C only and then again entered 100 demand at Product level. Now the whole demand is floating to Customer C only instead equal distribution.

Please enlighten me in understand this logic and your inputs are highly helpful.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi divya1209,

The following Key Figure configuration defines how the values disaggregates:

Disaggregation Mode:

- Equal Distribution

- Copy Values


- No Proportional Disaggregation

- Same Key Figure – Stored Values (this might be maintained in your case)

- Same Key Figure – Calculated Values

- Other Key Figure – Stored Values

- Other Key Figure – Calculated Values

- Disaggregation Expression

In your case the demand KF might have the proportionality field maintained as “Same KF – Stored Values”. The values of the key figure to be disaggregated are used as proportional factors. If the transaction just started and the key figure hasn't yet been changed, the value that is stored on the database is used. If the key figure value has already been changed and a new value for its available in the planning session, then this current value is used.

For more details on Disaggregation and Proportionality:



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Thanks a lot PJ

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