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Understanding 'Cumul.ATP Qty' & 'ATP Qty' on CO09 screen

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Dear Experts,

I am having difficulity understanding the qty's on the CO09 screen.  We are currently on SCM 5.0.  The columns that I have questions on are 'Cumul.ATP Qty' and 'ATP Qty'.    I am not sure how the qty's in these 2 columns are calculated or what they represent.

I have attached a document of an example of a CO09 screen print.   I ask a few specific questions using this example.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Hi MT,

The cumulated ATP quantity shows you the Quantity which is available at that date for further confirmations ! The column ATP quantity shows the quantity of receipt elements which is still available for additional requirements.

For the PO memo 4503125284, line 40 has 160
units as shown below.  But the CO09
screen above only shows 9 units being added to the 'Cumul.ATP Qty' column and
only 9 units showing in the 'ATP Qty' column for line 40/schedule line 3.  What about the other 8 units?

-> The other 8 units are used to meet requirements. So the system has 9 units left of the 17 for confirming further requirements.

Plus how does the 'ATP Qty' column get calculated?  I am not sure how the qty's
in either column (Cumul.ATP Qty & ATP Qty) are calculated or represent.

-> The cumulated ATP qty column for a specific date is basically calculated like this: receipt elements (until the date) minus requirement elements (until the date of the following receipt element).

The F1 help explains it in detail:

"The cumulated ATP quantity is the total quantity of the discrete quantities
of stocks and receipts added up across the time line minus the quantities
confirmed up to now. It shows which quantities of stocks and receipts are still
available for further requirements. You define the receipt elements that are
included in the ATP quantity calculation and which requirements are assigned to
which ATP quantities in Customizing of the scope of check."

Hope this helps a bit.

best regards,