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Unable to update material master settings

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When the Material master (MM) data management Team need to make specific updates to a Material Master, the requirement is that their is No Open Purchasing Documents, No Stock On hand in both the current and Previous accounting periods. Issue is specifivcally with stock on hand (SOH) here.

Since Finance does not allow to post anything in previous period, warehouse staff cannot remove any SOH in the previous account period, which causes us to hold off updating MM Data until the end of the current month and then have the warehouse remove SOH on the last working day of the month so that when the new accounting period roles over we can then update MM Data.

For example - Material period (Nov-11) is closed now so we cannot post anything in previous month (Nov). So, in the current month (Dec), Today, 10th Decemer or 31st December, if we issue out all SOH then we will have to wait for the Dec period to be closed so in January the system will check the Inventory balance in both previous (Dec) and current period (Jan) and it will be zero and this allows us to change the required material settings eg. valauation type. The process works but the challenge is we have to wait to for an entire month as explanied above.

Since Finance can not allow a previous period posting for ANY GL ACCOUNTS so wanted to know if there is any other workaround to address the situation.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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This is as expected and your finance colleagues are right in the approach.

Thanks & Regards

Sanil Bhandari

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Hello 78abhi,

The system is working as expected, there is no work around. If you want to change any critical field in the material master then there should not be any stock on hand.


Neeraj Jain