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Un-dispatching in ECC CM21 Capacity Planning Board (possible issue with CIF)

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Our system landscape is an integration between APO – R3. APO creates the planned orders and sends them to R3. Once the planned orders are in R3, we run MRP to generate capacity requirements and propose production/scheduled dates for the parent planned orders and explode requirements to the child proposals and generate PRs/planned orders.

Now we want to use the Capacity Planning Board (CM21) to dispatch planned orders (before converting them to production orders) and schedule their capacity. Our configuration is already set & it is working as expected. However, when dispatching the planned orders and saving & exit the transaction, the planned orders don’t stay dispatched. When entering CM21 again, the orders are now un-dispatched again. At first, we thought it was configuration, but we tested all standard overall profiles and this de-allocation is happening.

Now we ran a test and closed all integration models and now no CIF queues are open and dispatched planned orders again. We saw that upon exit and entering CM21 again, the planned orders stay dispatched.

My question is that what could be causing the de-allocation and is there some setting we need to turn on in APO to stop the de-allocation?

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