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Transportation :: Freight Unit creation issue

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Once we have created our outbound delivery system is not creating the Freight unit automatically .

We executed to report - /SCMTMS/CHK_DOC_INT_TM_INTEGR to find out the root cause of the issue .

We got the following error - " Document flow: No FU(s) assigned "

We checked all the configuration and it seems to be in place .

Please suggest a solution

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Hi Manish,

Did you check the Fiori LaunchPad Settings for Freigh Units Building Rule?

Profiles and Settings > Create Freight Unit Building Rule

- look if you have your Freight Unit Building Rule created.

- look if you already created the settings for your Logistics Integration

Profile (under SPRO > Transportation Management > Integration> Logistics Integration > Internal TM Component Integration >> Define Logistics Integration Profile (view: /SCMTMS/V_LOINT )

Check If you already assigned your Freight Unit Building created in

field FUB_RULE and if the field Automatic Freight Unit Building is flagged.

(field: AUTO_BUILD_FU)

Please check SAP Configuration Guide for Domestic Outbound Transportation document (pg 96)

Hope it helps!

Alexandre Freitas

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