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Transportation Calendar and Duration

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I created a Time Stream ID with every 2nd Thursday of the month:

and used it as Transportation Calendar in T.Lane so I would have shipments only on this days:

However, despite Trsp. Duration is only 24 Hrs, the shipments generated arrive at destination only in the next month (next open day in transportation calendar).

I wanted this Time Stream ID to be used only for the Demand Date. Available Date should be Demand+24 hrs.

What am I missing?

Many thanks.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Nico,

Many thanks for your answer. As you mentioned, the start of the transport is at 12:00.

In this example the transport time is only 24 hours but in some cases it can be weeks and for that reason I cannot change the transit time to 12 hours.

My goal using the transport calendar was to set only the "start week", I mean the open weeks for truck to load the cargo, not the days available for the transport activity otherwise system is assuming the truck will be stoped on the road.

Do you know some alternative?

Once again, main thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


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Dear Mauro,

I suggest to look at the activities of the generated order in product view (double click on the order). My assumption is that the start of the transport activity is at 12:00 on a Thursday which is starting point for the scheduling. From there it can schedule 12h and has to wait until overnext Thursday to schedule the remaining 12 hours. SNP external procurement orders are usually scheduled from 12:00:00. You could set the duration to 12h instead of 24h or manipulate on the order time via BAdI.

Regards, Nico