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Transferring Freight Charge into Sales Invoice


Hi All,

In Transportation management integrating with outbound logistics, we can transfer the freight charges incurred onto the Customer's invoice by activating freight condition type and copying control. However, there is a restriction in that process. Currently, if the outbound delivery order contains more than one freight order or freight booking, incurred freight charges of all the freight documents are not getting transferred onto the sales invoice. It supports only if the delivery contains one freight order created against it. In an export scenario, where the freight unit will get transported through various modes of transport, for example, if the main mode of transport is through sea, the pre carriage is through a Road Freight order, Main carriage is Freight Booking for Sea MOT, and On carriage could be through Road again. In total, it will create two road freight orders for pre and on carriages and one freight booking for sea MOT.

If i wanted to transfer the incurred freight charge of all these three documents onto a sales invoice either by three different freight conditions or by accumulating the charges into one freight condition, the Embedded TM on SAP S/4 Hana version 2022 does not support this process.

I have raised an Improvement request to SAP on SAP INFLUENCE. Request your support in voting for this business case using your organisation's S-USER ID. Pls. Find below the link for the improvement request. Thank you in advance for your support.

Thanks and Regards,

Paramesvaran. M

Active Contributor

A good one! Voted and shared on my social media.

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