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Time Period in rows SAP IBP Excel Add in

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Is it possible to add a time period in the rows too? For example, I have the months on the horizontal axis but I would benefit having the weeks as one of the attributes in rows. Is that possible?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You cannot have months in columns and weeks in rows by default.

But you could create additional time-attributes to the time profile directly and display them independently of the major time axis. As a test, if your planning area is a copy of SAPIBP1, you might have "weekweight" as such an attribute. If you loaded data for that, you can test with that in Excel display.

And if you are happy, create your own attribute e.g. with the weeknumber (which would be 25 for today, or you could fill it with 202325, or ...).

Check Creating Time Profiles for further information, especially the last note there.



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