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Tendering in S/4HANA Basic Transportation Management

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As part of the project to set up the basic Transportation Management functionality, we need to set up the Direct Tendering functionality. In the latest version of the basic Transportation Management and Advanced Transportation Management file, this functionality has some limitations, but is marked as basic Transportation Management.

We've configured the Tendering Profile according to the restrictions:

The file also contains restrictions on the use of Peer to Peer Tendering and Broadcast Tendering:

However, it is not possible to select any other option in the Tendering Profile.

Steps to start Direct tendering in FO:

  1. New Tendering is manually created in FO,
  2. Tendering Profile is manually selected in Tendering Plan.
  3. A carrier is manually added to the Tendering Plan.
  4. Pushing “Publish and Save”.

Report /SCMTMS/AUDIT_BASIC_ADVANCED before starting the tender (pushing “Publish and Save”)

Report /SCMTMS/AUDIT_BASIC_ADVANCED after starting the tender (pushing “Publish and Save”)

Therefore, this functionality, according to the report, lies in the area of Advanced Transportation Management.

The question is how to use Direct Tendering in Basic Transportation Management?

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Answers (1)

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Are you implementing Basic Transportation and this Tendering question is related to basic transportation? Basic Transportation has limitation as per SAP. Only manual tendering allowed.

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Yes. And we are doing manual tendering in accordance with Of course, this note kind of outdated, but I think steps need to be the same in S/4HANA