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Supply element is not generated at all by Finite Heuristic run in IBP Order based planning

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Hello Experts,

Below is my supply chain network.

Supplier 1 --> "P1" --> "DC1"

Product is P001 (Finished Product)

Product P001 is supplied from Plant "P1" to "DC1".

Product P001 is supplied from Plant "Supplier 1" to "P1".

I have demand 100 at DC1.

My expectation of the result would be,

STR would be generated between "P1" & "DC1".

PurReq would be generated between "Supplier 1" & "P1".

But, Finite Heuristic is not generating any supply.

Transportation lanes are maintained between "P1" - "DC1" and "Supplier 1" & "P1".

Procurement type has been maintained "F" in all the locations "DC1", "P1" & "Supplier 1".

please help me to find the root cause of what is missing out or is the standard behavior of Finite Heuristic?

Note: If I create PurReq manually in the "projected Stock" app at "P1", then Finite Heuristic Run generates the rest of the supply elements such as "STR" from "P1" to "DC1".

Thank you!



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Hello ,

Please check the procurement type of FG001 at plant P1. If it is 'E' ( In House Production ), any transportation lane with P1 as destination location will be automatically blocked for planning and will not be considered by the supply planning engine.